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disneyland_bum's Journal

23 October
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Hi. I am just a big loser that no one really likes. I was bored online and I was looking up other peoples LiveJournals and thought I would make one of my own to pass the time. Well as my name says is I want to be a bum living inside of Disneyland. That would totally rock. I love playing video games and watching anime and tv and stuff. Radical.
24, a.i. love you, ai yori aoshi, ai yori aoshi:enishi, akira, alice in wonderland, anaheim, angelic layer, animation, anime, anna pavlova, ashlee simpson, azumanga daioh, batman, blue gender, buffy the vampire slayer, calvin and hobbes, capcom, capcom vs snk, cardcaptor sakura, carly patterson, castlevania, catalina ponor, cheers, chobits, chrono cross, chrono trigger, clamp, courtney kupets, courtney mccool, cowboy bebop, crossballs, daniela sofronie, david cross, devil hunter yohko, diarrhea on rye, disney, disneyland, drew carey, emulation, family guy, final fantasy, flcl, fruits basket, full house, futurama, gainax, galaxy angel, gunparade march, gymnastics, harvest moon, his and her circumstances, ian roberts, inu-yasha, japan, japanese, ken akamatsu, kevin james, kiddy grade, kingdom hearts, la femme nikita, lazytown, let's bowl!, love hina, magic knight rayearth, mahoromatic, maison ikkoku, manga, martian successor nadesico, marvel vs capcom, matt besser, megaman, mirv, mr. bungle, music, mysterious cities of gold, naru narusegawa, negima! magister negi magi, neo-geo, neon genesis evangelion, newlyweds, newsradio, nintendo, norm macdonald, nuclear rabbit, oakland athletics, oakland raiders, oh my goddess!, onegai teacher, playstation 2, please teacher, primus, rumiko takahashi, sailor moon, serial experiments lain, shenmue, skies of arcadia, smallville, sonic the hedgehog, south park, square enix, stand-up comedy, star wars, street fighter, suikoden, suki, super nintendo, superman, tenchi muyo, the aquabats, the ashlee simpson show, the big o, the king of queens, the little mermaid, the o.c., the simpsons, the world of narue, they might be giants, time travel, trigger happy tv, tsubasa, tv, upright citizens brigade, urusei yatsura, video games, wild arms, wings, wish, wonderfalls, wonderswan, xena, xenogears, xenosaga, xxxholic


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